Our Story – Part II


September 29, 2014. I was heading home from church in Lake Elsinore. During the time Luke and I were dating, we were going to the same church but I was at our campus in Lake Elsinore, and he was at our Anaheim campus. I stopped by the Anaheim campus for our weekly “after service” date. We decided to go to In N Out to talk and catch up after a long day away from each other. Luke was brilliant to suggest In N Out, because I had no expectation for what was about to happen!

“What would be a fun thing for us to do this evening, something out of the norm?” Little did I know that he was setting me up! He asked, knowing that I would suggest watching the fireworks at Disneyland (it was my favorite thing to do).

“Let’s go see the fireworks at Disneyland!” I almost screamed, beyond excited at the thought.

“But where would be a good place to watch them?”

“From the roof of the church!” Our church was so close to Disneyland, and from the roof you could see them so clearly, as if you were standing right next to them. I had never been able to watch them from the roof but I asked Luke to take me up there pretty much all the time.

“Okay, let’s go!” We raced back to the church through the sound of the firework show beginning. We parked on the side entrance, and RAN through the halls of the church to get to the ladder (don’t mind the fact that I was in 6 inch heels).

Luke climbed the steep steps, and I quickly followed behind him. As I got up the stairs, he handed me a scarf and asked me to put it over my eyes. “Don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip!” is all I could think to myself! I knew the roof was pretty uneven, which isn’t the best setup for impressing your boyfriend if you’re wearing those high heels.

We got to the edge of the roof, just in front of the ledge. Luke removed the blindfold and I was in awe of the fireworks. We were so close, and they were so huge! We stood there holding onto each other and enjoying the view.

Suddenly, a huge flash of light shoots out from behind me. I swivel around to find Luke on one knee, asking for my hand. Behind him stand both of our families, all the influential people in our lives, and so many of our friends. They stand behind lines of candles, behind a gazebo of Christmas lights, and behind scattered rose petals (honestly, I can’t remember for sure if the rose petals were there, but that’s how I picture it!). Someone gently strums on the guitar as Luke says some of the sweetest words I’ve ever heard and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him.

I was so shocked that I took a couple steps backward. Everyone screamed for me to stop, I was so close to the edge of the roof! I wish I could tell you the exact words I said to Luke as I accepted, but to this day I have no idea what my response was! I was completely overwhelmed and caught up in the biggest, most beautiful and most perfect surprise ever.

Check out some of our engagement photos below!

“He has made all things beautiful in His time”

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