Patty + Carter | Jeffrey Open Space Trail Engagement Session

I love it when couples start out as clients but end up feeling more like friends. To celebrate the launch of my new website, I decided to collaborate with Earth & Grace Co. and Beauty For Ashes Design for a giveaway. This is definitely one of my favorite decisions I’ve made so far in my business because through it, I got to meet Patty and Carter!

As I rounded the corner toward the exit of Jeffrey Open Space Trail, there they were. Not only were they dressed in some of the most perfect colors I’ve seen, they were already smiling from ear to ear! I walked up to introduce myself, even though I already felt like we knew each other so well from all of our emails back and forth.

Patty is just the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. Born and raised in Arizona (the only place I’d consider living other than California), she decided to come out to California for grad school. Through her best friend, she met Carter and it was love at first sight; which is totally unsurprising because they are two of the most genuine and down to earth people I’ve met.

We walked and talked through the park on our way to our first spot. We talked so much, in fact, that it was hard to bring my camera up to take pictures because I was so captivated by the story of how they met and fell in love!

That gorgeous, golden hour light just got dreamier and dreamier and they changed into their next outfit. They looked like they were stepping out of a fairy tale! Beautiful lighting, beautiful outfits, but the most beautiful part of the day was the way Patty and Carter love each other.

Patty and Carter, thank you so much for trusting me to capture your love during your engagement session. The excitement in your voices as you shared your story, the look in your eyes as you gazed at each other, and the way you laugh together is a beautiful thing. You both just glow, and it is the sweetest thing!

February 21, 2018