Vanessa + Brett | Joshua Tree Couple’s Session

Couple's Shoots

Zion had just been born 3 days ago. We were finally home, resting. Luke’s cousin, Brett, came over to meet the baby. In between playing and chatting with Judah, Brett began to share with us about an amazing girl he met and started talking to.

We got to meet this amazing girl at Christmas dinner with the family. She was beautiful, and kind. The way she looked at Brett, and the way Brett looked at her was really special. We knew right away that this was something serious, and different.

“Honestly you guys, my excitement level is a 400. Out of 10.” We talked in the car all the way out to Joshua Tree, an hour and a half drive. It was so nice to have some time to get to know Vanessa and realize all the reasons Brett is so head over heels for her!

Pulling into the national park, everything that surrounded us was gorgeous. The desert went on for miles, with rocks and Joshua Trees and dreamy purple hues everywhere. Vanessa and Brett got out in their first outfits that just photographed so well, and we walked over toward the perfect lighting to begin shooting.

And IT. WAS. FREEZING! Literally! It started out 46º and windy. By the time we finished shooting, it was 36º and windy!! And as you look at the pictures, you would never know. Brett and Vanessa smiled and giggled through the whole session, as if nothing could phase them. We had the best time on the way home, and we’re already looking forward to our next photo exploring adventure. And I can’t wait!

Brett, you’ve been such a huge part of Luke’s life for his whole life. I’m thankful that we have family like you. Vanessa, I’m so excited that Brett found you. Getting to know you was so much fun. I love your heart, I love your fiesty comments. Here’s to many more adventures together!


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  1. Rax says:

    Great job capturing their love!

  2. Angela says:

    Kayla, you are an amazing photographer!! You have such a beautiful eye for capturing such personality and emotions in your pictures!!!

    You have been blessed with such a talent!!

    I look forward to watching you grow your business and build relationships with your clients, friends and family!

    • Kayla Esslinger says:

      Thank you so much!! It’s been so fun being able to capture these special moments for people, and so much fun!!!