Cassidy + Hayden | Downtown LA Anniversary Session

Anniversary Shoots

Cassidy and I have this running joke that she follows me through every season of life. First, I did the internship. Then, she did the internship. First, I went out to Lake Elsinore to assist the pastor. Then, she went out to Lake Elsinore to assist the pastor. First, I started dating Luke and we got married. Then, she started dating Hayden and they got married. First, I started working in the Communications Department. Then, she started working in the Communications Department. It’s too funny that we pretty much walk through the exact same situations one offer the other.

When Hayden asked Cassidy out, his mom texted me a picture of them that she took without them seeing. To this day I have the picture saved in my phone because I love their love story! Hayden and Cassidy are just an incredible and genuine couple, and Luke and I have loved our friendship with them.

Last year, they began to feel called to move out to Memphis, Tennessee to help plant a church. My heart broke as I began to come to terms with the reality that our closest friends did would no longer be living 10 minutes away, or even in the same time zone. But, thanks to technology, I believe we’ll still be able to have a great relationship even once they move!

Theirs was my first anniversary session and I absolutely loved it! Any time I get to shoot in LA is so much fun because there are so many fun places to explore and so many great restaurants to eat at. We got to introduce Cassidy and Hayden to Grand Central Market and G&B Coffee, we sat down and had great conversations, and of course we laughed – a lot.

Cassidy and Hayden, I am going to miss you so much. My heart tries to avoid thinking about you leaving at all costs. But at the same time, I am so excited for you to step into your next season of life. You’re about to go to a whole new level and I can’t wait to see that happen! We love you both to pieces.

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