Christine + Kris | Downtown L.A. and Ascot Hills Engagement Session

Engagement Shoots

I arrived a little early to the Cicada Restaurant in Downtown L.A., to check out the location and find the best lighting before Christine and Kris got there. Once I finished walking around, I pulled out my phone to respond to a few quick emails. As I was looking down, Christine and Kris walked up. All smiles and full of joy, we hugged and she handed me a card.

I got a chance to open the card later in the day. I pulled it out of the bag and saw gift cards to In N Out and Starbucks – because they knew that my favorite things are coffee and french fries!! And instantly my heart was completely full. It may seem like such a small detail, but that was what meant the most about it. The fact that Christine and Kris took the time out of their day to not only figure out what I like, but also to get me gift cards to enjoy my favorite things, was the absolute sweetest and just so thoughtful!

And that’s exactly who they are. Sweet, thoughtful, down-to-earth, and fun. Christine and Kris have been together for 15 years and they are so kind to each other. Watching them interact and seeing how perfect they are on camera, you’d never believe that this was their first photo shoot together!

From the Cicada Restaurant in Downtown, we drove over to Ascot Hills which was a photographer’s dream come true! The lighting was unreal, the colors of the hills were a gorgeous, soft green. It’s amazing what a little rain in California can do! As we walked along, I got to hear about their wedding plans and their families, and they asked about mine. The sun began to set and we finished up our session and parted ways, the end of a perfect day and a gorgeous session.

Christine and Kris, thank you for the honor of capturing your engagement photos. The excitement that you shared together throughout the day was contagious. Your relationship is something special and I can tell it’s something you both cherish. You were a dream to work with, and the card you gave me meant the world to me. I am so excited for this new season in your lives, you are absolutely going to love it! πŸ’›


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  1. MeG says:

    Im very happy for both of gou. There has notbing more I could add further, but a simple hearthfelt wishes and blessing both from above and from me. As a mother, there has nothing more joyful than to watch her baby girl take her first staggering steps—. But, that joy becomes far greater for me to watch as you take on the steps of holy matrimony with Kris. I am very bappy for you both—I bless you wish you with everlasting joy, happiness, good health amd wealth physically and spiiritually. May the best of everything be in your holy mstrimony , and may your love for each other grow daily into a new hieghts as you celebrates your wedding day. I love you and God bless you both— congratulation in advance!!πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘. Marriage is not a joke—treasure it, value it. Love you always,
    You Mom and Mom 2b. MeG