May 11, 2018

San Juan Capistrano Open Space Family Session

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One of the things I love about sessions that are farther out, is that I have time to get on the phone with my mom. Since my family moved to Idaho a year ago, I don’t get to see her or talk to her as often as I wish I could. But long drives allow for long talks with her, and it’s the best.

My mom is one of those people who makes you feel cared about and understood from the minute you begin talking to her. She listens intently, responds often, and makes you feel like the most important person in the world.

Ever since I was able to talk, I could talk to my mom about anything. I could tell her all about the books I was reading, out of order, with no context, and she would follow along with all the details. I could tell her about the conversations I had with my friends, the way I felt when I didn’t do good on a test, how excited I was to be a mom just like her. And to this day, she listens intently and cares when I excitedly tell her about my shoots and my weddings, all the editing I have to do, the housework, my family, and the new coffee shop I just tried.

Talking to my mom made this family session that much more special, because I know the connection between a momma and her girl is one that is irreplaceable. Even at this young age, Makenna just loves her mom! She likes to sway their dresses together and laugh and clap with her, she looks at her and smiles. And Theresa sure loves her girl! From the time she was pregnant with Makenna, she was already planning the cute outfits and fun thing they would do together.

Not to mention – Theresa and Greg are so in love! They’ve been married 4 years but together for so much longer, and they still can’t help but glow around each other. They talk to each other with love and respect, and parent together with such grace.

Theresa, Greg, Makenna, it was such an honor to capture this special time for your family! 4 years of marriage, a 1-year old baby, and a lifetime full of adventures coming up. Thank you for choosing me to take your photos! I loved working with your sweet girl. And you guys, your outfits were a literal DREAM! But of course, I’d expect nothing less since you do everything with excellence. I’m excited for all the big things coming up in your lives and can’t wait to hear all about it!

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