Brenda + Devell | Newport Beach Wedding


Honestly, I’ve had such a hard time trying to decide which moment to write about for the blog of Brenda and Devell’s wedding. I began to write about the best man’s speech. He started off by saying that he knew Brenda was something special because every single time Devell would talk about her, he would say, “She’s the one, she’s the one.” Hearing it for what seemed to be the first time, Brenda’s heart melted as she gazed at her loving groom, filled with admiration.

Then I erased that paragraph, because I remembered how precious her first look with her father was. As her dad was facing the opposite direction, she walked up to him. A beautiful, stunning bride. Dressed in white, holding her flowers, radiant in natural beauty. Brenda’s dad put his hands on his face, with his heart on sleeve and tears beginning to stream. “You look beautiful!” He exclaimed as he wrapped her up in a tight squeeze. He pulled away to get one more look at her as they both wiped the tears from their eyes. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

The next memory quickly came to mind as I remembered the beginning of their ceremony. It was as if the emotions and the reality of the day hit Devell like a whirlwind, the moment the music came on. He turned his back to the audience and brought his hands to his face, but even that couldn’t cover up the excitement he had for what was about to happen. As each of the bridal party members walked down the aisle, that excitement only grew until finally, the music changed. The attendees stood to their feet. Brenda and her dad began to walk down the aisle. Devell gazed at her as his eyes filled with tears of happiness, fixed on her the whole time. It truly was one of the sweetest reactions I’ve seen.

Brenda and Devell and both of their wedding parties were so kind and sweet the entire day. They definitely know how to have fun, to party and to laugh. They also know how to love, and how to love big. The girls cared for their bride and did everything possible to make the day perfect for her. And she cared just as much for each one of them.

Brenda and Devell, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved being a part of your wedding day. From the getting ready room all the way through the end of the night, you were such a joy to work with! Your families are amazing, and so sweet. You two are incredibly in love, and above everything else, that shines through in the way you look at each other and laugh together, the way you took time to dance together, and the way you snuck up to the top deck, holding each others hands and taking a moment to talk alone. I am so excited for you and I know you’re going to absolutely love this new journey together.

Amazing creative team who helped make this beautiful event possible:

Venue: Electra Cruises

Planner/Coordinater: LadyBug Productions

Photography: Kayla Denae Photography

Hair: Updos by Patty

Makeup: Beauty by Ana

Florals: Florals by Sophea

DJ: Austin Murray Entertainment


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    Beautiful, Enchanting, Amazing!!!