Erin + James | Laguna Beach Engagement Session

One of my very favorite parts of my journey with my couples is their engagement session. I love to have some time with them, to get to know them, to hear their hearts and what they’re passionate about. And although I have systems that I implement for posing and shooting so that I can guarantee a consistent brand, one thing I enjoy about each session is that it’s unique to the couple. Working with as many people as I have the privilege of working with, I’ve just loved learning how to serve each couple individually, with what’s most important to them. And another thing I love that’s the same about all my couples, is that they’re SO sweet, and so in love. As much as I enjoy taking pictures of pretty wedding details, florals, shoes, ceremonies, my favorite part is how naturally the love shows in all of my couples.

When I first met with Erin and James to get to know them and talk about wedding things, it was over Skype because they live in New York. I instantly fell in love with them, and we hit it off right away.

They decided to fly out to California and schedule their engagement session, and we met in Laguna Beach. I walked up to see them holding hands and giggling together on their way toward me, and I knew it was going to be such a fun session. It also ended up being a bit of an adventure, including an unexpected location change and a super high tide!

I couldn’t help but smile (from ear to ear) as I began to edit their photos. The genuine joy and love that they share is undeniable. The way they giggle with each other, they way they look at each other, was so real and so sweet. It spoke of a deep love, rooted and grounded in a relationship that is so precious to each of them.

And not only that… The way they were dressed was basically perfect. Erin’s soft tan dress flowed perfectly in the wind (and the waves!) and James’ blue shirt complimented it so perfectly. And to top it off, our shoes totally matched (before mine got soaked)!

Erin and James, I truly enjoyed every minute of getting to meet you in person and work with you. I’m so glad we were able to work it out to meet before the wedding!! The way you two are with each other is so special and unique. I’m still smiling as I think of how fun it’s going to be to spend your wedding day with you! I love the way you love each other and the way you love your families. Your marriage is going to be such a beautiful thing and I am so excited to be a small part of the beginning of it!

June 21, 2018