How to Make Your Wedding Details Pinterest-Perfect!


It was 2014 and we were in a whirlwind of planning. Luke and I started dating in July, he proposed in September. We were planning for a wedding in January of 2015! We threw together a beautiful wedding, really quickly. But in the time frame, there were many little details that I totally missed!

After shooting so many weddings, there are so many cute details that my brides put together that I’d love to share with you! I’ve found some great places where you can purchase them too, so you won’t even have to do much research!

  1. A ring box

Your ring is one of the most important details to photograph on your big day! Your fiancé spent time saving up for it, planning the surprise proposal, and finding the ring you’ve always dreamed of. Why not get a cute box to keep it in? I absolutely love the ring boxes from The Mrs. Box. They’re beautiful velvet ring boxes that come in a variety of colors and sizes! If you have both an engagement ring and a band, you can get a double box that will have a slot for each! You can even get them monogrammed!

2. Matching robes or PJ’s for your bride tribe

One of the cutest things my brides do is get matching pajamas or robes for their girls! Not only is it picture perfect, it’s also a great and super cute gift! I love taking a few getting ready photos in these outfits before they change into their dresses for the day. So fun!

Some of the cutest robes I’ve seen are from Robed With Love. If you’re looking for a more simple option, there are these lovely robes from LeRose Gifts on Etsy! There are also these pretty silk floral patterned robes at Lavish Robes on Etsy. Lastly, if you’re looking for a cute PJ set, I love this customizable option by Totallybrides on Etsy as well.

3. Shoes

Okay, I have to admit – I was ALL about comfort on my wedding day. I bought Toms wedges, and I bought them the day I bought my dress. Being uncomfortable was not in my plans that day! However, I see my brides wearing the absolute cutest shoes on their wedding days and I can’t help but think that is definitely the way to go. Even if it’s just a part of the day, you get to choose the most beautiful shoes you’ll ever wear! It’s your Cinderella moment! So go for it, go all out. Whether you’re looking at Jimmy Choos or Badgly Mischkas or Christian Louboutins, it’s definitely worth investing in your dream pair of shoes.

4. A cute hanger for your dress

Most dresses come on a plastic hanger, or sometimes a sturdier hanger that just isn’t too cute! Because it’ll definitely be your favorite dress you’ll ever wear, it’s worth it to invest a little more in a cute hanger that won’t distract from its beauty.

My favorite types of hangers are these cute ones that have a personalized name in them, like the ones from Elegant Bridal Hangers on Etsy. There are also these beautiful engraved ones from Wedding Decor Studio on Etsy as well!

5. Vow books

If you’re writing your own personal vows, a beautiful way to keep them is in personalized Vow Books. Many times it’s easy to put vows off until the day of, but if you write them in these cute books, you’ll be able to remember them forever!

There are so many cute options out there, like these vow books from Rebecca Green Design or these from Seniman Calligraphy.

6. Perfume bottle

Scents bring back memories. They’re so closely tied, that the scent will bring you back to the moment immediately. That’s the reason I love photographing perfume bottles!

7. Your full invitation suite (or 2!)

Your invitations include all the details that you’re about to spend (or have already spent) months planning! Bring your Save the Date along too so we can include it in the photos. Styling and photographing invitation suites is one of my favorite things to do!

7. Any other cute thing you can find!

We’ll start off the day by photographing your details, so feel free to add any cute details you can think of! If you have a special family heirloom that will be a part of your wedding day, your something borrowed or something blue, a cute personalized jacket, bring it along! I always recommend that my brides put together a “go-bag” of details so that when I arrive on a wedding day, they don’t have to stop what they’re doing to pull it all together. It makes the morning go so smoothly!

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