December 19, 2018

Zion | 1st Birthday

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It was December 18, 2017. We had just gotten home from a friend’s daughter’s birthday party in Lake Elsinore. Luke wasn’t feeling well so he took some medicine and we went to sleep, just like any other day.

At 11:30 I woke with a start and threw the blanket off of me. “Luke, my water just broke!” I exclaimed. We called the hospital and decided to head in. I decided to take a shower before we headed in. Every exit on our way to the hospital just happened to be shut down that night. We got to the hospital and just a couple hours later, Zion was born!

Everything about our lives changed. Judah became a big brother. Luke and I became parents of 2. We welcomed this sweet boy into our home and into our hearts so joyfully.

Zion, we waited for you, and we expected you. We prayed for you, and we loved you the moment we saw you. Since the day you were born we’ve only watched you grow in personality, and our hearts have grown to a level of love we didn’t even know we could have.

You’re only a year old and you’ve already made our family even better. It’s crazy to think a year has flown by so quickly.. but as I looked back over the pictures to put this together, I realized something. Though this year felt fast, it was well-lived. We had so many moments of laughter, smiles, and fun. We had so many adventures together. We got to go to Hawaii with you. And you have been a pure joy since you’ve been here. We love watching you grow up, we love cheering for you as you take each step, and we can’t wait to get to know you even better. We love you so much more than words can describe.

Luke 💙 Esslinger,

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