January 8, 2019

Happy Birthday Angelica!

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Over the course of my business, or my job as Communications Director, or even roles in ministry, I’ve always gotten the question: That’s great and all, but how do you do it?

At first, it didn’t all seem possible. I knew I was going to need big help. Not only that, but Luke and I are pretty picky – we want people around our boys who are going to care for them the way we do, talk to them the way we do, and cherish them the way we do.

And that’s when our sweet Angelica came in. From the beginning, we knew there was something special about her. We knew she wasn’t just going to be anyone to our family. When Judah was born, she was one of the first to hold him and one of the first to watch him. And she hasn’t left our side since. Lovingly named “Gaga” by Judah, she has been a part of us since before he was born. When I was a Communications Director, she would watch him on site so that I could work but have him close by. When I quit my job, she faithfully came to our house to be with them. She’s more than just a babysitter, she’s family.

So Angelica, today, we celebrate YOU. Your giving mentality, your heart for people, your joy, your loyalty. You are exactly the person God made you to be. I’ve watched you grow immensely over these years and I’m so proud of you. WE are so proud of you. You’ve become so full of life, of wisdom, and peace. You mean the world to us, to all of us. We’re so thankful for the day you randomly tagged along with us to Cha2O that changed the paths of our lives forever. We’re so thankful for you.

So here’s just a little note to say thank you, we love you. You’ll always be a part of our family, and I couldn’t have done these past 3 years without you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here’s to 23!
Luke 💙 Esslinger,

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