Krystal & Justin | Thomas Riley Wilderness Park Engagement Session

Engagement Shoots

I’ll never forget the moment. We sat across the table for each other, together on a date for the first time. We went on a breakfast date, at a local restaurant that claims to have the “best breakfast in town” (we still really do think it does). The rush of excitement and joy that the new season brought of dating and looking toward marriage, it was everything I had hoped for and more. I didn’t care where we were as long as we were together. Everything was new and fresh and fun!

As we went on to be engaged and then married, the spark never died down, it just changed and grew. It became more familiar, in such a sweet way. Our relationship went from not knowing what he would say next, to having an idea of what he was going to say, to almost being able to say it for him. There’s something so special and deep about a relationship that continues to grow closer together.

Justin and Krystal have the same sweet giggles, and excitement, and joy together even though it isn’t their first date. Even though they’re getting married in just a few months now! When you look at them, you’d think they’re newly in love! But on the contrary, they have a relationship that is filled with kindness toward each other. They laugh together and joke together, they have a calming peace when they’re together. There’s something special about this relationship that I really love.

Justin and Krystal, from our first meeting I knew I was going to fall in love with you two. I’m so thankful to be the honorary filipino by your side on your wedding day 😉 You two are beyond cute together, and so unique. I loved learning more about you and I am so excited that your big day is coming so quickly! I can’t wait to be there with you two!

You can find some of my favorites from our session below!


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