Megan & Dan | Del Mar Wedding Day Photoshoot


Megan and Dan are two of the kindest people you’ll meet. Their eyes sparkle when they look at each other, their laughs are full of joy. They are so deeply in love with each other.

And sadly, in the midst of the craziness of COVID-19, these two were forced to make the hard decision to reschedule their own wedding. May 2, 2020 was the date that they were originally supposed to say “I Do”, but they have had to push their wedding back to 2021.

As a way of celebrating, Megan and Dan decided to still get dressed up on their original wedding date and go out and read vows to each other. When they shared their idea with me and asked me to be a part of capturing this special moment in time, I was so excited! Luke and I were so honored to be able to be a part of their sweet show of love to each other!

We walked around in a beautiful, secluded area in Del Mar while social distancing. We chatted like old friends, laughed, and very much enjoyed our time together. For a brief moment, it felt like the world was just normal again, a way things haven’t felt in a very long time.

Though we didn’t get to celebrate with a full wedding, May 2 was a beautiful representation of Megan and Dan’s love for each other. It’s a day I will never forget.

Megan and Dan, you two are so sweet. The time we got to spend together on your would-be wedding day will last in my memory forever. I absolutely loved every moment of it! You two are so special, and your wedding day is going to be celebrated with so much joy when we finally do get there! And on the bright side, I’m so thankful for the extra time we have together!

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