Abrielle & Tyler | Sedona Red Rock Anniversary Session

Every once in a while, a session comes around that you will remember for the rest of your life. Abrielle & Tyler’s Sedona Red Rock couple’s session was exactly that – a photography dream come true. 😍 From the moment we began shooting until the time the sun set, every spot that we shot was just perfect! The views were incredible, and so was spending a couple hours with these two.

Luke came along too, which I loved (by the way, Luke, want to be my assistant forever?), and it felt like a double date getting to hang out with two of the sweetest people in the world! Abrielle and Tyler are too adorable, the way they smile when they look at each other and the way they giggle together are just the best. They are absolute sunshine to be around!

I felt like I could have spent hours, or even days shooting at these dreamy red rocks in Sedona. We have some incredible places to shoot here in California too, but this was unreal. It almost looked like we were inside of the Grand Canyon! Ever since the beginning of my photography journey, this has been on my bucket list. And I couldn’t have picked a better couple to shoot here with if I tried!

Abrielle and Tyler, it was such a dream working with you two!! Luke and I could not stop talking about how sweet you are. The love and support you have for each other is so sweet and inspiring. We truly enjoyed every moment we got to spend with you! (And I love that Luke and Tyler got to get nerdy about baseball together, that was probably one of Luke’s biggest highlights!). Thank you so much for making the drive to shoot with me. Yours is a session I will never forget 🤍


March 13, 2021