Kaitlin & Chris | Private Yacht Engagement Session

I  love when my couples incorporate personal and unique elements into their engagement sessions! When Kaitlin mentioned that they were considering doing their photos on their family’s yacht, I was so excited for it. These are the special elements that make sessions unique and really fun!

This session was so sweet because of the way that Kaitlin and Chris just enjoy each other. They laughed with each other the whole time, and it was so much fun. I love how joyful my couples are and how much they truly love each other!

When it comes to planning your engagement session, I always encourage my couples to think out of the box. Find what is unique to you and think about places that are meaningful in your relationship! For some, that may be a special place that you two enjoy going together. For others, it may mean incorporating different props like bouquets or picnic blankets. Still others may choose to do more of a destination engagement session because they love to travel together! I’ve shot all over Southern California and in other states as well, so no spot is too far for me!

At the end of the day, these photos are there to highlight your love for each other and the relationship that you share. You only get to be engaged once, so it’s a really special way to celebrate that season in life! I love capturing this time because it’s full of excitement and anticipation for the future. It’s also such a great break from the hustle and bustle of wedding planning!

Kaitlin and Chris, you two were such a joy to photograph. I wasn’t kidding when I said I could keep going with your session all night if the sun would just stay in the sky!! You two love each other so deeply, and laugh together so easily. You’re a match made in heaven! And you’re just so much fun to be around and work with. I absolutely cannot wait for your big day, it’s going to be such a special one! You two were made for each other, and I’m so honored to be a small part of the memories you two share!


July 15, 2021