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Each guest found their seat at the beautiful Rancho Las Lomas El Teatro, and the processional music began. Each family member walked down the aisle with a smile on their face because today was the big day! Around the corner comes Justin. Hands in his pockets, walking with the cool demeanor that fits his personality […]

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It was 2014 and we were in a whirlwind of planning. Luke and I started dating in July, he proposed in September. We were planning for a wedding in January of 2015! We threw together a beautiful wedding, really quickly. But in the time frame, there were many little details that I totally missed! After […]

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There wasn’t a dull moment in the Father of the Bride’s speech. He had people laughing, engaged, and entertained the entire time. He wrapped up the speech and folded his paper, about to head to his seat. The he stopped, and turned to the beautiful bride, glowing next to her new husband and finished “All […]

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Honestly, I’ve had such a hard time trying to decide which moment to write about for the blog of Brenda and Devell’s wedding. I began to write about the best man’s speech. He started off by saying that he knew Brenda was something special because every single time Devell would talk about her, he would […]