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At the beginning of this month, Luke and I began to pray about what we should give financially to our church. We believe that God has given us so much, that it really is a privilege to give back. As we were praying about it, Luke felt like he heard God say that He would […]

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“Write out a date night idea for Luke and Kayla to use after the wedding!” read the sign outside my bridal shower. Each girl that walked in stopped at the table and wrote out an idea on a popsicle stick, then dropped it in the mason jar. We received lots of ideas, some silly, some […]

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It’s 4:30 AM. 4:34 to be exact. Luke pops his head in our room to say “I’m gonna lay down with Judah in the other room”. We’ve been up since 2:57 with our babies, who are each fighting a little cough. Each time we try to put the older one down, he starts crying. Our […]