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Dressed in white, she sat there on the wooden bench in the center of a trendy little plaza. Gazing into his eyes as the wind blew gently through her hair. But more than that, she was getting a glimpse into his heart, into the way he feels about her. As the sun began to set, […]

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Scroll all the way down for some highlights from our anniversary session! If you know me very well at all, you know that I hate surprises. Especially when I know they’re coming. I never know what level to set my expectations at so usually I get them up pretty high and then get disappointed. So […]

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Cassidy and I have this running joke that she follows me through every season of life. First, I did the internship. Then, she did the internship. First, I went out to Lake Elsinore to assist the pastor. Then, she went out to Lake Elsinore to assist the pastor. First, I started dating Luke and we […]