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Joshua Tree. The high desert. Palm Springs. La Quinta. It’s all a photographer’s dream world! At least, it’s this photographer’s dream world! The dreamy light, the wide open space, the cacti – I would do just about anything to shoot out there every weekend! Everywhere you turn is something gorgeous. And the views go on […]

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One of my very favorite parts of my journey with my couples is their engagement session. I love to have some time with them, to get to know them, to hear their hearts and what they’re passionate about. And although I have systems that I implement for posing and shooting so that I can guarantee […]

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I walked in to Algebra 1 in sixth period on my first day of freshman year. There was a buzz of excitement and new beginnings in the air, even though we were entering math class. I found my seat, in the very first row. In walked Bethany, who found her seat next to me. We […]

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I love it when couples start out as clients but end up feeling more like friends. To celebrate the launch of my new website, I decided to collaborate with Earth & Grace Co. and Beauty For Ashes Design for a giveaway. This is definitely one of my favorite decisions I’ve made so far in my […]