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Joshua Tree. The high desert. Palm Springs. La Quinta. It’s all a photographer’s dream world! At least, it’s this photographer’s dream world! The dreamy light, the wide open space, the cacti – I would do just about anything to shoot out there every weekend! Everywhere you turn is something gorgeous. And the views go on […]

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One of my very favorite parts of my journey with my couples is their engagement session. I love to have some time with them, to get to know them, to hear their hearts and what they’re passionate about. And although I have systems that I implement for posing and shooting so that I can guarantee […]

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I arrived a little early to the Cicada Restaurant in Downtown L.A., to check out the location and find the best lighting before Christine and Kris got there. Once I finished walking around, I pulled out my phone to respond to a few quick emails. As I was looking down, Christine and Kris walked up. […]

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September 29, 2014. I was heading home from church in Lake Elsinore. During the time Luke and I were dating, we were going to the same church but I was at our campus in Lake Elsinore, and he was at our Anaheim campus. I stopped by the Anaheim campus for our weekly “after service” date. […]